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Verde Jennah was founded in September 2015 by Cinzia Aicha Rodolfi, an italian blogger who reverted to Islam 16 years ago. Before, she used to be a tour guide and a model.
Verde Jennah’s ambitious vision follows an innovative business model and pursues a high and useful mission for western European Muslim women. Their love for fashion, writing and photography joined with a deep devotion for Islam.
The main purpose is to give voice to the Muslim women living in the West. A kind of woman with a dynamic lifestyle who studies, has a job, works abroad; committed in social matters. A woman with principles who takes care of her family, a wife and a mother. Living in a western society, Verde Jennah offers solution to her daily matters such as the desire to keep and grow her personal spirituality without renouncing to her religion and to find islamically correct answers to her problems.


Verde Jennah woman style, as envisioned by Cinzia and by her team, aims at encouraging the spreading of religious values and Islamic precepts in a non-islamic environment. Verde Jennah promotes education for women and smart advice for muslimah who face multiple challenges in her western life, striving to remain devout and to stick to tradition. Verde Jennah woman’s Adab (good character) derives from Prophet Muhammad*s noble Sunnah.
Verde Jennah promotes good manners. We believe that a Muslim woman should always be polite, kind, gentle and welcoming.
The blog and all the social networks connected to the brandname talk about Verde Jennah women’s daily lifestyle with attention to halal clothing (islamically correct clothing, modest fashion for Muslim women) countering the difficulties in Western countries to find a proper dress-code, modern thus sober, elegant but halal. As a matter of fact, clothing and fashion are the visiting card of every Muslimah. It is also through clothing that Muslim women express their devotion and spirituality.

Many Verde Jennah’s articles talk about the hijab, the Islamic veil. Our intention is to share a positive message and make women understand not to renounce hijab because it is an affordable challenge. Anyway we do not intend to criticize our sisters who are not wearing it.
In Verde Jennah community we deal with many different topics. We are dedicated to explaining the fundamentals such as Ramadan and Hajj (pilgrimage) as well as to talk openly about reversions to Islam. We also bring to our readers’ attention all the problems connected to the fact of belonging to a rich and ancient religious tradition which is nowadays increasingly stigmatized in several Christian and /or secular countries.
We give much attention to the sharing of personal experiences through storytelling. We love sharing true and deep stories of muslim women determined and devout, challenging their daily through faith.
We want to bring optimism through positive examples of pious and brave women striving for healthy ideals and being successful on the way.

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