A bad Hijab day

Different stories and experiences shared by young modern hijabis, go to show that there is such a thing as a bad hijab day, to counter the more classical bad hair day. Continue reading and you will understand how a single hijab can turn your day upside down.

Here are some of the issues with wearing a hijab that could potentially ruin your day:

The day starts on the wrong foot: You don’t find it! You might have a hundred other hijabs in the wardrobe, on the hanger, or somewhere in the house, but the right one simply cannot be found. You can look all you want. Still nothing. The right hijab probably hasn’t even been created yet! Or it probably still needs to dry.

Even your to-go hijab doesn’t fit right. Sometimes it happens that your to-go hijab simply does not want to cooperate. It doesn’t bend as it usually does, it doesn’t form its usual perfect drapes, or it just contours your face in all the wrong ways. What’s happening? Maybe a bad laundry day too?

Too flat or too puffy. In the first scenario, you end up looking bold, in the second one, you look like you are throwing it back to the 80’s backcombing hair style, only with a hijab on top. You need to know that the type of fabric is essential to create the perfect harmony and maintain a balanced proportion. Keep following us because in our next article we will be discussing more in-depth solutions to these problems.

“Today I will try something new, I am fed-up with the same old choice.” It’s not crazy to want change, to break free from the daily, monotonous, and seemingly inevitable hijab choice. There are so many ways to go and so many styles to experiment, but improvising is not the way to go when you want a quick fix. That’s simply the perfect recipe for the perfect disaster.

We, at VerdeJennah, always promote the minimalist hijab style. Easy and simple. You need some ideas? Check out our Instagram…

Nope. They still didn’t create the perfect hijab with velcro fastening. Sadly, you still have to use those annoying pins. If you are already following our Facebook page you would have probably read our piece on the disastrous obstacles these small accessories create. You might hurriedly fasten them and end up losing each one along the way, creating a trail that even Theseus could have used to lead the Athenians out of the labyrinth without Arianne’s ball of thread.

Sometimes you are in so much hurry that you just avoid using a pin altogether, and that will soon reveal its self as one of the worst decisions you could ever take, especially if you are wearing a non-cooperative hijab fabric. To avoid this, some girls even hold back-up pins in their wallet.


Perfect as a scarf, hideous as a hijab. Sometimes you see an amazing scarf in your favorite shop and imagine it as an equally perfect hijab. You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s usually either too small to cover the neck area, or too big that it seems like Harry Potter’s invisible cloak, in that you wish it made you invisible to avoid the embarrassment. Never mind, just keep it aside and you will give it away as a gift to your non hijabi friend.



The rebellious tuft of hair. You are going about you day when suddenly you notice the tuft of hair making its way out of your hijab and onto your forehead and sides. It’s not that you are trying to be picky but it just simply does not look presentable. These issues bother women with all hair types and usually the only solution is to make that dreadful trip to the washroom to fix everything up.

To all this problems and issues, VerdeJennah has a set of tips and solutions. Follow us and you won’t miss a thing. In this article, you will find tips on personalizing your hijab and letting it represent you. Let us help you tell your story by choosing the right hijab.


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