The Blogger Sara El Tarass

She’s born in Egypt but she moved to Italy when she was 2 years old, adopted in Lombardy. Today the beautiful blogger Sara El Tarass is 20 years old and she is studying at a state university in Milan.

She wanted to think very well about what to do after high school, she argues that this university choice had to be well-considered:

“It took a long time to understand what I really wanted to do, society didn’t help us to decide.” I took a whole year, better than ever, as they say, “I’m happy now and I’m determined”

“ I wore the veil first and foremost as my personal choice, no one imposed it on me, I wanted to put it on and I did it–, of course it takes courage and determination, but it also gives a deep serenity in my heart. I started to follow the famous fashion bloggers in search of inspiration. I have always tried to put the veil in a way that I can feel fashionable, studying the finest combinations of style and color. I often wear sporty and casual but also more or less elegant, depending on the occasion. In all this, the veil is an accessory that changes and adapts to the chosen outfit, thus creating a game of harmony and creativity.

For me it’s really a normal and necessary part of my outfit. I love my veil and I’m convinced that hijab and fashion will agree, without any prejudice. Modest Fashion means nothing but Fashion for women wha has modesty!

I love eccentric glasses, and sneakers; maybe in a month I will instead put my shoes with stiletto heels and monochrome and I will totally change look: fashion is art, creativity and innovation; I believe that we Hijabis should not give up fashion. ”

Sara knows very well what the press reports about Modest Fashion’s industry, the millions and millions of dollars are billing and wanting to join, even just as her fans, in this world of fabrics, colors and volumes that are transformed and they intertwine.

She follows every western brand as well as the Muslim ones and she tells us that she liked H & M with the veiled model, or DolceGabbana with the floral abaya. She tells us that she has read economists stating that the modest fashion industry will assume even gigantic connotations in America and she wants to be part of a very important message.

Sara wants to show the world that the Hijabis can be really happy and free to do anything.

She wants to be a proactive and messy witness to the fact that you can wear the Islamic veil without giving up on being well-dressed; enjoy yourself when you leave home. Be well dressed in any situation.

“Us girls with the veil can safely have a life like non-veils, go out like our peers, also do sports, study and work, why not?

I’ll show you on my Instagram page.

Posting pictures of myself hijabista in Italy, in everyday life on my account, is part of my path.

Meanwhile, I prepare myself for the degree and dream of achieving myself on the job, finding an imitation –??anche qui, imitazione non capisco che senso abbia– in line with my training or the nutrition sciences. Next to this, I try to continue to show the world, albeit perhaps in a superficial way, that you can be Muslim and visibly happy even in the West.”

Thanking Sara for her sincere and fresh words, we must emphasize the concept that although there are so many detractors to keep us away from wearing the Islamic veil in the West, there are always young girls who challenge every injury and confide in the omnipotent power of the One behind their important choice.

We should like to conclude with this:

‘Being teenagers or young Muslim women in the West isn’t at all easy.

So why don’t you support, with no sterile and bigotry criticism, the effort of these wonderful bloggers, who with great freshness are happyness spread the message of peace and serene coexistence?

‘Follow us because we will address the theme more deeply, but through the eyes of the italian stylish ‘fashion addicted’ community.’

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