The fascination of what is secret

Islamic culture is soaked in invisibile’s yearning desire; transcend yourself finding the Meaning, nostalgia of Life, of The Living, of The Source, of The Beauty; of The Mercy that blew its own Spirit into us. Read more

NIke Pro Hijab hits the stores on Spring 2018

Nike Pro Hijab hits the stores on Spring 2018

Nike Pro Hijab for sale next year!

Finally hijabi athletes will have the perfect hijab for their sport activities.

A special light fabric, transpiring but dark, an indispensable requirement to hide hair. Read more

A bad Hijab day

Different stories and experiences shared by young modern hijabis, go to show that there is such a thing as a bad hijab day, to counter the more classical bad hair day. Continue reading and you will understand how a single hijab can turn your day upside down. Read more

Why do I wear hijab?

My Hijab is my choice! But Why do I wear hijab? I was a model and I used to wear very short skits and I loved them…

Editorial from the director of the Blog -Cinzia Aicha Rodolfi- Read more

Do not wear Hijab!


Do not wear hijab! Yes, sister, you read well… It’s much better for you not to wear hijab, if you haven’t realized its true meaning yet. Those supporting the precept at all costs will feel upset by my statement, but isn’t Islam the religion for which “the end doesn’t justify the means”? Let’s try to reason together in wisdom then, in order to grow and improve ourselves. What do you think about it? Read more