What we learn during Ramadan

Hunger is the first element of self-discipline. If you control what you eat and drink, you can control everything else!” – Shaykh Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Fasting is a universe all in itself, a kingdom in which we learn to know discipline in the most direct way for what concers our tongue, stomach, genitals, and eyes. Islam poses a great enphasys on discipline because there is so much at stake. Without discipline, religion would be impossible.” – Shayk Hamza Yusuf Read more

My first time in the mosque, it was Ramadan

Semi-serious journal of a Ramadan (and coffee) lover


Sunday, 6th May 2018

This year my “good resolutions” of Ramadan have doubled, I make a long list and I stop to think. I read my list again, I delete lines and I mark them. Then, as usual, I tell myself I cannot leave things to chance, but, behaving like a good Milanese, I have to plan everything in detail, or at least have a good and sincere intention. Read more

How does the Verdejennah woman dress?

How does the Verdejennah woman dress?

By Editorial Staff

What Verdejennah is trying to communicate is a conviction born of a forum/brainstorming (a reflection carried on by many western muslim women) that lasted a whole month at the start of this ambitious project. Read more

In truth, modesty and faith are companions

In truth, modesty and faith are companions

Dear readers,

today’s topic is an important one, so get ready!

We will talk about and reflect on our behaviors and learn ways to improve ourselves in order to lead a better life. Read more

Muhammad, the declensions of love

Muhammad, the declensions of love

Everywhere we hear people talking about love in the most various and wide contests, as declensions of a feeling of affection, towards a person, an animal or an object.

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Prophet Muhammad and Women

Prophet Muhammad and women

Before the message of Islam was brought, women were subjects to extremely bad behaviours, offensive and even criminal. Infant female children were even buried alive: Read more

How to survive the hostile gazes about the veil?


How to survive the hostile gazes about the veil?

Dear Sisters,

after many years wearing the veil (and I have experienced so much), I could ask Bear Grylls some survival tips in an interview. It might seem as a joke, but it is not. Sometimes, you feel like you have been thrown in the lion’s den and come out from it psychologically devastated; it happened to me and I would like to share my experience with you. Read more

Self-confidence or conceit ? Halal or Haram?

Self-confidence or conceit? Halal or Haram? 

Would you like to better understand if you are presumptuous or just happy with yourself? 

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If you love him so so much…


Salam dear young sisters,

We have a hot, super hot, issue here. If you love him so so much… but can’t marry him, what will you do? Let’s try to understand… Read more