Verily, the Hijab is perfect for a Manager

Why mustn’t a woman manager wear the hijab ?

As a communication expert I find it  very amusing when I hear this sentence in the media, in  streets, in workplaces. I find it amusing because in a nutshell the word “must” implies that it is an order. Read more

The Blogger Sara El Tarass

She’s born in Egypt but she moved to Italy when she was 2 years old, adopted in Lombardy. Today the beautiful blogger Sara El Tarass is 20 years old and she is studying at a state university in Milan. Read more

From the Bikini to the Burkini

‘After I returned to Islam, I stopped wearing short skirts and started using closed necklines, but when summer came I began wondering: “What should I wear at the beach?” My faith had certainly resulted in an inner change, but my outer look was also changing, step by step. Read more

About Us

Verde Jennah was founded in September 2015 by Cinzia Aicha Rodolfi, an italian blogger who reverted to Islam 16 years ago. Before, she used to be a tour guide and a model.
Verde Jennah’s ambitious vision follows an innovative business model and pursues a high and useful mission for western European Muslim women. Read more