From the Bikini to the Burkini

‘After I returned to Islam, I stopped wearing short skirts and started using closed necklines, but when summer came I began wondering: “What should I wear at the beach?” My faith had certainly resulted in an inner change, but my outer look was also changing, step by step.

So I said goodbye to my bikini and started to wear whole swimsuits with a short sarongs tied on the side and the only reason for this little change was that I started to be ashamed of showing myself unclothed. But going to the beach with my kids and staying dressed seemed impossible to me.

The following year I added some tight cycling, up knee covering shorts and a t-shirt. It was the same look that I used in the gym.

I remember that people asked me about my strange attire and I explained that it was a new Californian trend used by movie stars. As it often happens, if you like the motivation, the consensus is secured and the curiosity is silenced. Then I started wearing a partial hijab and I went to the beach adopting an even more covered style: long leggings and pareo combined with a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a bandana on my head…now I wear muy burkini ‘

Sometime the decision is not always easy to take, but if you really want  something… ‘step by step’ you can make it. And for those who don’t want to wear hijab, you might change your mind, and if you do not, nobody will judge you or blame you.

Our true Muslim identity is certainly not in the suit. Talking about the veil, the Islamic clothing and halal fashion, is not a way to proselyte, but to share interesting and practical information…

We speak with no arrogance and without pretending to be anything other than an ‘Islamically fashionist’ our way.

Fi amani Allah

Cinzia Aicha

(director of the blog)

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