How does the Verdejennah woman dress?

How does the Verdejennah woman dress?

By Editorial Staff

What Verdejennah is trying to communicate is a conviction born of a forum/brainstorming (a reflection carried on by many western muslim women) that lasted a whole month at the start of this ambitious project.

We are convinced that the image and the style of the verdejennah woman must be INNOVATIVE (compared to the beauty standards of muslim/halal fashion), far away from ARABIC clichés, because we are in Italy, in 2018, and we have an Italian and contemporary taste.

For instance, when Armani gave the working woman, a “male” image (authoritative, sober, functional) he made a cultural operation, a conceptual and stylistic revolution: he proved, by giving “a dress to women that was up until then only made for working men”, that the woman had to be accepted (by herself first and foremost) on the same level of men, even in the working place.

WE write for our muslim women and we speak to them, but we know very well: TRUE AND FINAL SUCCESS of this operation will be reached when EVEN MANY WOMEN of other faiths and not, will follow our updates with interest.

We are aware we are moving in a delicate and sensitive purview, we are just getting started on a long journey that will touch other latitudes and longitudes and contextually other cultures and lifestyles, but despite that we are fully aware of what are the precepts, their limitations connected to the exterior practice, and the boundaries within which we are able to move.

Our blog, Verdejennah, with its 250 articles in the past two years, mirrors a REAL, sincere and passionate western muslim woman; that is a concrete lifestyle of women of Islamic faith living in a un Islamic context.

Our storytelling, are all true and real experiences and stories of women that, thanks to faith. Optimism and determination overcame problems that were huge.

Among the many hardships faced by muslim women here in the west, there is definitely the choice of clothing. Many articles talk about the veil because yet again, practically everywhere, it is not easy to be able to serenely take part in social and professional life with the head covered by the Islamic veil.

If we insist in representing a woman that is well dressed and taken care of despite her hijab, it’s to break the belief that she is normally slovenly and wears formless clothes without taste or style. Luckily, today the thousands of muslim fashion bloggers prove the exact opposite.

While it’s true that the muslim woman does not wish to show off, our goal is to show her multiple competences and skills.

Our Verdejennah woman must not refuse her femininity and specificity, and her mission of mother/wife, but is also OBLIGED to acculturate herself, and grow spiritually and teach society, and has the chance, is she wants, to work, but she must not neglect her main and indispensable function of procreator and educator of the family.

Our verdejennah woman is a DEVOTED and EDUCATED woman, that struggles every day to better herself and does not waste more time than necessary in the kitchen (expect in special events) because she must TEACH and EDUCATE so she can’t exonerate herself from learning herself first and she has no time to lose. Therefore, we are tired of the stereotype of the muslim woman who spends her days in the kitchen losing the possibilities to dedicate herself to studies and cultural activities that make her grow.

The verdejennah woman is CAREFUL about personal care: HYGIENE and care for her person, even if under her veil, are a must to which she cannot stop giving the necessary time.

She must have a DIGNIFIED IMAGE with a clothing that is both respectful and apt to the working place circumstance just like any other woman, so that she does not ever feel inferior or out of place.

Our verdejennah woman is concrete, dignified, calm, but energetic, intelligent, beautiful because the light of Faith shows in her face, of wisdom and knowledge, strong, but demure, because she reserves her most sensual beauty just to her husband, present or future, so that the relationship of intimacy and generosity is fully complete.

The verdejennah woman is PROUD and SERENE, she is fundamentally a woman capable of being fully polyhedral and multitasking, like all women in the world!




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