If you love him so so much…


Salam dear young sisters,

We have a hot, super hot, issue here. If you love him so so much… but can’t marry him, what will you do? Let’s try to understand…

This same question was posed to Sheikh Khalid Yasin and his answer sounds so nice we decided to share it with you.

Brief summary of the video:

– The Sheikh says that if you love a man so so much but can’t marry him, it’s simple: you must stay away from him. He explains this with a metaphor; You’re in the kitchen and there’s a chocolate cake you love ‘so so much’ but your mom told you not to eat it. Yet, you love it ‘so so much’. While you are upstairs and the cake is downstairs, you keep thinking about the cake ‘so so much’. You cannot resist and you go downstairs to have a look at the cake you love ‘so so much’. You do not eat the cake but only taste it with your finger and get back upstairs. What happened? You just tasted the cake but you love the cake ‘so so much’ that you cannot be satisfied with tasting the chocolate on top… you must eat a whole slice. When your mom gets home, she’ll see there’s a whole slice missing because you couldn’t resist the temptation to eat the cake. So what should you do with the guy you love ‘so so much’? Stay away from him, in order not to fall, or talk to your parents so that you can get married soon. Even if you are young, says the Sheikh, if your parents have an extra room, get married! If you love each other ‘so so much’ but you’re still young and still go to school, yet you’re mature and aware, it’s better for you to love each other in a spare room in your parents’ house as a married couple than what might happen otherwise. This is Sheikh Yasin’s advice and it seems to be the best way not to fall into sin and in the frustration of covering it.

Parents sometimes long for Prince Charming, better if graduated and with a permanent job, arriving on a Mercedes and offering a well-furnished house, while they should instead focus on other qualities. Will a young man who has to wait to get a degree and a job in order to propose to a young woman be able to wait? Parents who ask for certain economical conditions to be met before letting their daughter get married are definitely demotivating young couples and encouraging bad behavior and fornication.


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