Do not wear Hijab!


Do not wear hijab! Yes, sister, you read well… It’s much better for you not to wear hijab, if you haven’t realized its true meaning yet. Those supporting the precept at all costs will feel upset by my statement, but isn’t Islam the religion for which “the end doesn’t justify the means”? Let’s try to reason together in wisdom then, in order to grow and improve ourselves. What do you think about it?

Perhaps you want to wear it because you want to be noticed as a Muslimah and this is of course something positive in itself. Undoubtedly, through hijab you are explicitly declaring your religious affiliation but drawing other peoples’ attention to yourself implies responsibilities like knowing, for instance, the meanings of this precept. Do you know them? Will you be able to answer questions? Will you bear the flag of your faith with dignity? If so, you’re halfway through. If you don’t know them and are interested in understanding them better, we might probably help you in taking a more informed decision. But don’t worry, we don’t mean to preach to you or make a kutba, nor we intend to make you feel less than anyone. We just want to help you gain awareness and self esteem. In sha Allah.


Maybe you want to wear it because your parents are asking you to do so or because all the women in your family wear it. Furthermore, you have read that it’s a divine prescription. Thus, you decide to follow the family tradition and do what your Lord is asking you as well. This is indeed a praiseworthy motivation, but do you think it’s enough to do something you don’t perfectly understand? Do you know the meaning of veiling?

Someone told you that if you cover yourself, you will be immune from zina (relationships outside of marriage). Do you really believe that putting a veil on your head and wearing large clothes hiding your body shapes is enough to keep mens’ gaze away and to save you from falling into fornication? All your friends are wearing hijab and they look very pretty with their colourful veils and matched outfits. They seem to be kept in high regard by the community. You hear people complimenting them for their choice. Therefore you decide you want to be one of them so as to be appreciated and maybe even be taken into consideration by the best available young men in town. Are you sure this is a healthy and correct reason to wear the veil?

Perhaps, the boy you like is a good “practicing” Muslim and has declared he wants to marry a woman who wears hijab. So you want to start wearing it and you think that the intention of finding a good husband is sufficient to morally support your choice. What will happen if you don’t marry him? Will you stop wearing it? How will you go on wearing it if you put it on for the wrong reason and the wrong man? It has happened many times, even to people very close to me.

It might also be that someone else has told you that if you don’t wear hijab, you will go to Hell. I’ve heard mothers saying this to their daughters. Do you really think a veil, or maybe even a niqab, is enough to save us from fire? Do you believe Allah looks at our outfits?

So, what is the reason you are wearing it, you will in all probability say? And you are right, as I seem to be demotivating you.

I want to be very honest with you and tell you that I wear hijab for none of the above-mentioned reasons.

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