Self-confidence or conceit ? Halal or Haram?

Self-confidence or conceit? Halal or Haram? 

Would you like to better understand if you are presumptuous or just happy with yourself? 

Who has never asked his self this question: am I presumptuous if I am proud of myself? 

How can I fight this excessive pride similar to the haram hubris? 

Who has never felt inadequate for a particular task or role? 

Then who has never found out that he can even perform this job in an original and creative way?  

How difficult is to balance this ways of being and thinking? 

Maybe we don’t have enough self-confidence or we are not aware of our abilities, the two things go together.  

Sometimes we meet people saying “I don’t deserve this, I try to do this thing for this or that reason or “to please God ” but then we find them criticising, gossiping and noticing every single sin or flaw in others, labelling them. 

 The imam Alì used to say: “When you judge, a finger is turned towards those who are judged while the other three towards who judges”. This means that the judgement doesn’t tell anything about the person judged but it tells very much about who is judging. Often we don’t realize that judgement, gossip, malice, defamation walk hand in hand and are signs of low self-esteem, little love of the self and above all ignorance that our reality is composed by soul and spirit. 

As can you imagine these three “evils” as well as causing great damage to the individual, they also cause it to the entire community creating false images of the self and of other people and the consequences are always unpredictable. 

Who undergoes a religious spiritual or simply a growth path should try to learn and understand his own nature in every dimension, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in order to have a high level of love for himself or herself as the first creature God has entrusted to us and a high level of self-esteem which eliminates the judgements and its extremes and which can lead to awareness which makes the difference. It makes the person active, positive, concrete, and useful for the growth and the promotion for a beautiful world, more peaceful, comfortable and full of trulove and compassion. In a nutshell loving more ourselves can be a MERCY FOR THE UNIVERSE.

Often verdejennah tells about Muslim women who have been determined to achieve their sound aims. By faith, patience and sacrifice they have won small battles sometimes essential for these important women. We like to bring optimism and to show through real stories of authentic Muslim women, that everything can happen in life. We want to invite our readers to be always positive and confident. We will not tell you bad stories that end up badly but only those which end up with a success.

Stay with us and follow the protagonists of Verdejennah community. 

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