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Sunday, 6th May 2018

This year my “good resolutions” of Ramadan have doubled, I make a long list and I stop to think. I read my list again, I delete lines and I mark them. Then, as usual, I tell myself I cannot leave things to chance, but, behaving like a good Milanese, I have to plan everything in detail, or at least have a good and sincere intention. Read more

Prophet Muhammad and Women

Prophet Muhammad and women

Before the message of Islam was brought, women were subjects to extremely bad behaviours, offensive and even criminal. Infant female children were even buried alive: Read more

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Verde Jennah was founded in September 2015 by Cinzia Aicha Rodolfi, an italian blogger who reverted to Islam 16 years ago. Before, she used to be a tour guide and a model.
Verde Jennah’s ambitious vision follows an innovative business model and pursues a high and useful mission for western European Muslim women. Read more