How to survive the hostile gazes about the veil?


How to survive the hostile gazes about the veil?

Dear Sisters,

after many years wearing the veil (and I have experienced so much), I could ask Bear Grylls some survival tips in an interview. It might seem as a joke, but it is not. Sometimes, you feel like you have been thrown in the lion’s den and come out from it psychologically devastated; it happened to me and I would like to share my experience with you. Read more

Why do I wear hijab?

My Hijab is my choice! But Why do I wear hijab? I was a model and I used to wear very short skits and I loved them…

Editorial from the director of the Blog -Cinzia Aicha Rodolfi- Read more

From the Bikini to the Burkini

‘After I returned to Islam, I stopped wearing short skirts and started using closed necklines, but when summer came I began wondering: “What should I wear at the beach?” My faith had certainly resulted in an inner change, but my outer look was also changing, step by step. Read more