Verily, the Hijab is perfect for a Manager

Why mustn’t a woman manager wear the hijab ?

As a communication expert I find it  very amusing when I hear this sentence in the media, in  streets, in workplaces. I find it amusing because in a nutshell the word “must” implies that it is an order.

“Must” and “Mustn’t”… but maybe I’m too obsessed with the meaning of words and I don’t get the meaning of the message.

If I go through the issue I realize that who orders me to be free is full of anger as if the fact that I cover my hair adds or subtracts worth to my life and I continue to laugh because of  this strangeness and incoherence !

Moreover why “mustn’t”? Does my freedom derive from the ideology I bring with me or from the mental structures that I project on reality?

I still find illogic that an angry person with a peremptory tone orders me to be free while he probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I have always thought that feeling free means being yourself and to express your own personality unless it damages the freedom of the forthcoming. Respect and freedom as the two sides of  the same coin. Therefore it doesn’t matter! If I have in front of me any human being dressed in a strange way that is however kind, polite and willing to speak to me, so that we can compare our differences, that make us even more free.

Therefore I want to ask to who orders me to be free by taking off my hijab, have you ever asked a muslim woman what actually makes her happy? Have you ever tried to ask any muslim woman what is means for her to be happy?

Maybe a lot of them won’t be able to answer, however what I say is that who is free internally loves the forthcoming’s freedom and it doesn’t matter if they wear a hijab, a cape or an undershirt, what really matters is the intrinsic value of their freedom and their humanity which can fly high only if dressed with openmindness, comprehension and respect for diversity.

At a meeting with a business man acting as coach and counselor my hijab stood out for it uniqueness. I was wearing a light blue tunic and light grey hijab and trousers and very natural make up because it was half past seven in the morning and I was afraid to look like a corpse asking for my will.

I entered the meeting and I realized that everybody was looking surprised as if they were saying: “What is a veiled woman doing here among fat cats?”. I smiled with nonchalance as it was my natural habitat and I started my enrollment with my business card, which I have to admit, it was the most beautiful and creative. Moreover, with the exception of some men, both the women and men’s outfits weren’t so formal.

They started with the presentations and a group, which mixed elements of PNL and personal branding, was moving as little robots that learned to say the name, the surname, specialty, membership and final greetings and I found it so funny because in their technique, which many have learned only after weeks of hard work, I can’t SEE the certainty and affection.

In order to sell yourself to others you must have something extra which comes from the heart, from the authenticity from the being before the exhibiting. Thus I started using the techniques of my coaching and I focused on myself and on my heart.

I talked for 20 seconds but I knew they were mesmerized ! And most of them was not interested in my diversity anymore and at the end they even offered me a coffee and a croissant. I think there are many reasons why especially in Italy a veiled woman entrepreneur that has such a trendy work and so self-confident is a reason for curiosity and shock.

  • Firstly because of the bad media campaign which (we have to admit it ) is passing the borderline, especially in Italy, and I ask my self how much do muslim women  show courage to live up a career without sacrificing family and affection”? Many of us are free and nowadays there are many there are many qualified and qualifying courses online with affordable costs.

In the United Kingdom Saiyydah Zaidi, a coach and psychologist, not only HAS CREATED A  SYSTEM OF GAIN AND SUPPORT FOR MUSLIM SISTERS, but also, with a program called millionaire using different skills and techniques she makes an incredible dawah teaching to many housewives and non-muslim women  who want to increase their gains following the islamic economics ethics.

It is a powerful dawah which not only consists in trying to convince, as many do, of the goodness of our religion, neither justifies the veil at the eyes of the world,  but instead it tries to break all kinds of borders and prejudices to “our” world.

The double target is clear and she balances with great intelligence non muslim principles with muslim ones and she does her work so well that she manages to work with everyone showing an extraordinary intelligence and grace. I hope that more and more women will stop talking about the hijab and that they will provocatively meet the world, any kind of outside world with courage and force, imposing their skills, their competences and a high level of intellectual, ethical and spiritual excellence which force others to not look at the hijab, bur to see the extraordinary women wearing it!

So, what do you think about this issue?

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